Creative 360 Gardens

Tend to a Garden, Reap the Benefits

Photo Credit: Hoerwin56, Pixabay

Creative 360 Community Gardens is a project initiated by neighborhood native, Holly Harris. The gardening space is on the grounds of Creative 360 at the corner of Bayliss St. and Arbury Place, and is free from chemical or synthetically produced herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers where people can grow their own food in a way that is healthy for people, the environment, and the community. There is water and a composting area onsite, and finished compost is available to each gardener as available. Plots are reserved on a first-come/first-serve basis, and there are two sizes available for the season:

  • Five 6’x 8’ plots for $20 each
  • Ten 6’x 12’ plots for $25 each

True to the spirit of Creative 360, the gardens are a place for creativity to blossom. Gardeners are welcome and encouraged to decorate their spaces as they like.

There are also shared garden beds, sponsored by local businesses and individuals, used for teaching and growing communal crops like herbs and perennials that are cared for and harvested collectively.

Download an Information Packet complete with the application and guidelines. 

There will be an orientation meeting in May to get acquainted with the space and other gardeners.

Volunteer   ●   Donate   ●   Sponsor

Don’t want a garden bed? There are other ways to contribute to and enjoy the gardens.  Volunteers help us in a variety of ways while they enjoy the outdoors. Sponsors financially support community garden beds and events while also receiving recognition in the gardens themselves, on our website, press releases and in print materials. Donations help with funds needed for maintenance of the garden area. Fundraisers and potlucks make it easy to make a donation or volunteer.

Stay Informed

To keep up-to-date on all the gardening activities, check out the Community Gardens page on our website at, or on our Facebook page at You can also call (989) 837-1885.

Read an article submitted by local gardener, Marie Cannon, Tend to a Garden and Reap the Benefits for a great overview of the many benefits of gardening.

If you are interested in becoming a Creative 360 Gardens Committee Member, a sponsor, or if you have any questions, please call (989) 837-1887.


Creative 360 Gardens Classes

Pricing reflects a $3.00 cash/check discount. Online registrations will incur applicable credit card fees.