Creative 360 Board

Board of Directors

Ashley Ghose
Bryan Dahl
Karen Thomas
Jeffery McGraw

Board Members

Mary Brown
Darby Gwisdala
Geoff Malicoat
JoAnn Pobocik
Alex Rapanos
Scott Seeburger
Carol Speltz
Lisa Tsay

Advisory Board

Linda Z. Smith
Karl Ieuter
Larry Levy
Bev Wenzel
Dave Wirth

Creative 360 Board


Linda Z. Smith is currently our board presidentLinda Z. Smith, Director of Creativity Emerita, pioneered the Creating YES! Corporate Workshops. She is nationally recognized as an accomplished creator and artistic specialist who develops dynamic, innovative presentations, programs, courses and classes for adults, children and teens.
Cynthia Keefe is one of creative 360's cofoundersCynthia Keefe won Midland’s Outstanding Business Person of the Year in 1997, particularly for the time and energy she put into the Artwalk and Diversity Walk held that year. Cynthia is also an award-winning artist and former Northwood Gallery director whose works have been exhibited throughout Michigan.