Donors, Sponsors & Volunteers

Creative 360 warmly thanks and acknowledges our donors and major funders who express their confidence in our mission through their generous financial support and volunteer hours.


Clester Croslin
Bryan Dahl
Darby Gwisdala
Dianna Cole
Kathy Dolan
Doug Dean
Elaine Warakomski
Haylee Brown
Heather Deogracia
JoAnn M. Pobocik
Johanna Frohm
John McPeak
Judy Timmons
Karen Thomas
Laura Brigham
Mary Brown
Mary Jo Wickline
Michaele Malecki
Rusty Moe
Ruth Rushlow
Sarah Geisert
Sarah Shinkle
Anne McGeehan-Woodard
Ellie Olken
Cory Hearns
Mike Warren

Donors & Sponsors

4th annual Christmas Carol sponsored by Ieuter Insurance

Children’s Grief Center

Eastman Party Store, Inc.

Indigo Moon Photography

Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs 

Michigan Humanities Council

Midland Area Community Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts – Art Works

The Gerstacker Foundation

Photo Friends

Rassett & Associates

The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow Foundation


Blain Anderson
Dorothy Arthur
Brenda Ault
Laura Ault
Beverly Babb
Rachel Baker
Michelle Becker
Ike Beehr
Nancy Billovits
Mary Pat Brown
Pam and Fred Buchholz
Larry D. Butcher
Tammy Claramunt
Marilyn E. & James O. Clark
Dianna Cole
Ginger Coleman
Daniel & Mary Collins
Sandy Collinson
Mike and Kathy Curell
Marge Darger
Jaxson Darus
Anne Deboer
Ed Diemer
Michelle Dittenber
Robert Driver
Kay Driver
Gary and Deb Dunbar
Pamela Ecarius
Catalina Echeverri
Vern Fauver
Melinda Gaal
Lisa Gano
Camille Gerace Nitschky
Mary Gilbert
Bridgette Grandsden
Jean & Dave Heying
Gail Hoffman
Katy and Leing Iwamasa
Kristina Jacobs
Makala Jewell
Marie Johansen
Sallye Johnson
JoAnna Keenan
David & Tracey Kempsell
Cynthia Kinnear
Chris Klykken
Eric Larsen
Gail & Joseph Leduc
Steve & Tami Leeper
Teresa Lynch
Alan Maciag
Joan & Megan Marino
Wallace & Lindsay Mayton in memory of Uma Ghose
Jason Miller
Carol Miller
Robert & Courtney Morgenstern
Robert & Tawny Nelb
Hannah Nelson
Paul Oslund
Christopher & Nancy Peeler
Don Piering
Robert Port
Barbara Prince-Sovereen
Carol & George Quarderer
Colleen Reed
Sandi Reim
Elodia Resendez
Ann & Kelly Rowley
Jeanne & George Schaller
Natalie Schwartz
Joe Seka
Jeremy and Christina Shafer
Rick Sigsby
Natalie Slawnyk
Betty Stark
Jordan Summers
Louise Tarn
Ben Tenney
Mary Anne Tessin
Eileen Vaillancourt
Bernie & Mark Van Dort
David & Ann Wampfler in honor of Nancy Janoh
Jennifer West
Diane Willemin-Stevens
Esther Williams
Dawn Wright
Chris Yaklin
Lowell Youngquist

YES WE CAN! Sponsors

The Barstow Foundation

Space Studios

NADA Northwood University

Community Garden

Midland County Master Gardener

Gena Malczewski

American Chemical Society

Express Yourself Artshop

Gleaner Life INS Society


Park Bench Quilt Shop

Dollar Daze of Midland

National Endowment for the Arts

Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs


Circle Sewing & Vacuum Center

Midland Kiwanis Foundation

Midland Area Community Foundation


Kathy Dolan

Don & Mary Anne Dolan

Amelia Gullo

Heather Deogracia

Johanna Frohm

Judy Timmons

Mary Brown

Michaele Malecki

Nancianne Noble

Sarah Brock

Sarah Shinkle

Shari Denton

Shelly Kontak

Robbi Kosinski

Julie Welsh

All artists and collectors who donated to our Second Hand Picasso sale


Alan Maciag
Alex Rapanos
Anne Woodard
Barbara McGivern
Barbara Zimmerman
Beverly Murray
Bill and Mary Horning
Connie Lesh
Dee Dee and Rick Wacksman
Evelyn Lipowitz
Heather Nutting
Janet Yerby
Joanne Grabinski
Julie Welsh
Kathi Smith
Marilyn Soules
Pat Naessens
Rebecca Houck
Roger Reichmann
Ross Tresidder
S. Preston & Betty Jones
Sandy and Gary Scwartz
Sheryl Lane
Stuart Frohm
Suzanne Schroeder

Creating Together: Piece by Piece Expansion Project

The Gerstacker Foundation

The Strosacker Foundation

Margaret McArdle

Dave & Linda Z. Smith

John Pratt Mosaic House

The Strosacker Foundation

Academic & Career Education Academy

Darby & Jerry Gwisdala