Our Staff

Creative 360 staff member Carol Rumba

Carol Rumba, Executive Director

When I joined Creative 360, it quickly became my “home away from home!” This truly is a place where music, theatre, art, the written word, dance and movement, inter-cultural awareness, art education, health and wellness and even gardening come together in a welcoming and creative atmosphere. I hope you will consider my new home your home for the arts and visit us soon and visit us often.

Creative 360 Staff member Colleen Reed

Colleen Reed, Program Director/Exhibit Curator

I love working at Creative 360 because our differences and diversity are celebrated and encouraged here.You never know who is going to walk through the doors to open your eyes to something new, be it an idea, a thought, a poem, a painting… Each day is an exciting adventure to me.

Creative 360 staff member Deborah Cull

Deborah Cull, Marketing & Public Relations Director

I love Creative 360 and all that it stands for. The welcoming atmosphere fosters laughter, caring and acceptance. There is always something happening whether an Artshop class, meeting in the gallery, an event, art class, yoga or dance class. I enjoy being in this place where nothing is routine and each day is new.

Allise Noble

Allise Noble, Artshop Program Coordinator

I enjoy working at Creative 360 because I love seeing the joy creation can spark in both the creator and those around them. I have been involved in art for as long as I can remember, have been awarded at area exhibits, and have also participated in Art Prize. I believe that everyone can be an artist in their own way. Everyone has the potential to create something that touches another person, and it is never too late to begin. I love being somewhere where I can encourage people to grow their strengths and gifts, and discover new abilities they never knew they had.

Creative 360 staff member Joannah Lodico

Joannah Lodico, Office Manager

Creative 360 is a great place to work because the founders, board, and staff understand the power and influence the arts and creativity have on each of us, which fuels the organization’s passion. We each possess a love for creativity and embrace the talents everyone brings to the table. For example, when I shared my recent music video with the group, it not only showed up on Creative 360’s Facebook page, it’s here on the web as well. There is something for everyone at Creative 360: dance, music, theatre, art, literature and more. Come check us out!

Creative 360 staff member Robert Driver

Robert Driver, Maintenance Engineer

I’ve been involved with Creative 360 since I was very young and had realized my interest in viewing and creating art.  As a teen, at Linda’s request, I volunteered to paint a mural in the downstairs lending library. That was my first mark on the building. Now I get to come here to work each day and my touch is everywhere.  I never know what tasks are in front of me until I arrive. This place has inspired many of my own award-winning creations.